Cảm biến lực căng Nireco CJ200 / CJ500 / CJ1000

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Cảm biến lực căng Nireco CJ200 / CJ500 / CJ1000  - Nireco tại Việt Nam

CJ Tension Sensor



Introducing a bearing-type tension sensor that can be cleaned with water.

The CJ sensor is essential for tension control of sophisticated plastic films used in leading-edge industries, including flat-screen TVs, rechargeable batteries, thin and light solar cells, and organic EL lighting which is expected to become the next generation of lighting. 
The CJ series of tension sensors are bearing-type sensors, so they can easily be installed on existing lines.


  • The CJ tension sensor has excellent dynamics, and its high spring-steel rigidity provides a high resonance point, making it ideal for high-speed lines.
  • The load displacement of the MJ tension sensor is extremely low, making it effective for thin web lines (i.e., film, foil, etc.).
  • The stainless version has an IP66-compliant protective housing that can handle being splashed with water when cleaning a production line.
  • The use of a mono-block structure provides outstanding linearity and hysterisis.
  • Because the bearing unit and sensor are integrated, the sensor has a low profile and requires minimal installation space, enabling it to easily be installed even in confined spaces.
Model CJ200 CJ500 CJ1000
Diagram number MD0000360 MD0000370 MD0000380
Diagram number with adapter unit MD0000450 MD0000460 MD0000470
*1 Rated tension (N) 200 500 1000
*1 Maximum roll load (N) 200 500 1000
*1,5 Maximum overload 2000 5000 10000
Roll displacement (μm·N) 0.12 0.06 0.035
*2 Resonance frequency (Hz) 143.8 128.6 119.1
*3 Frequency response (Hz) 300
Main unit mass (kg) 1.0 (1.6)
Direction of resultant tension force Forward or reverse
Mounting angle Any desired angle
Supply voltage ±15VDC ±1V (+15V/50mA,-15V/10mA)
Ambient temperature/humidity 0 to +50°C, 35 to 85%RH (No condensation permitted)
IP Protection Rating IP30
*1. The figures for rated tension, maximum roll load, and maximum overload are for double-sided detection.
*2. The resonance frequency figures are for the tension load during double-sided detection and at maximum roll load.
*3. The frequency response figure is with respect to a change of 1/10 in the rated tension.
*4. The figure in parenthesis is the mass including the adapter unit.
*5. The maximum overload represents the maximum value of the force exerted in the direction of the resultant force.

Cảm biến lực căng Nireco CJ200 / CJ500 / CJ1000


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