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Đại lý phân phối của hãng Elau / Schneider Electric  tại Việt Nam :


PacDrive drives

The PacDrive family offers a broad power range. It can handle everything from paper converting to palletizing.

Each motor has a smart chip inside, which the drive automatically recognizes at setup. Feedback is absolute and extremely precise, as required for Gen3 functionalities and beyond.

Intelligent drives perform all the tasks needed for precise motor control. For maximum efficiency, all motion tasks are in the controller. This is why we can run so many drives on a single controller.

The digital MC-4 motor controller is characterized by its compact and independent structure with wall mounting fixtures as well as state-of-the-art technology. The innovative MC-4 has the power supply unit, the power output stage and the software controller for an axis all in one casing, which saves space. As it communicates with the controllers only via fiber-optic cables, it is also suitable for distributed structures. It requires no user program, processes single- or multi-turn encoders in the standard version and configures itself with the help of the electronic type plate in the motor.

Though MC-4 motor controller are optimized for servo motors of the PacDrive SH series, torque and linear motors can be controlled as well, if they are equipped with appropriate feedback technology. 

Compact, four performance versions, same height

The highlights of the MC-4 motor controller 

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Worldwide voltage range
  • Integrated power supply unit
  • Max. 34.5 / 69 kVA
  • Automatic motor identification
  • Minimal size
  • Safety input Inverter Enable
  • 250 % overload
  • Integrated sercos interface
  • Reduced variety of types 

Technical data 






Rated current 

1,5 Aeff 

3 Aeff 

5 Aeff 

Peak current 

3,75 Aeff 

7,5 Aeff 

12.5 Aeff 

Rated power 

1,1 kVA 

2,1 kVA 

1.9 kVA 


69 mm 

69 mm 

69 mm






Rated current 

10 Aeff 

22 Aeff 

50 Aeff 

Peak current 

25 Aeff 

55 Aeff 

125 Aeff 

Rated power 

6.9 kVA 

15,2 kVA 

34,5 kVA 


69 mm 

124 mm 

312 mm


Supply voltage 

3 AC 342 ... 528 V/ MC-4/05: 1 AC 230 V 

Supply frequency 

48 ... 62 Hz 

Control voltage 

DC 20 ... 30 V 

Bleeder resistance 


Peak torque 

5,2 Nm

Power supply and power filter 


Safety funtions* 

Safe Stop 1 (SS1)** and Safe Torque Off (STO)** via Inverter Enable 

Motion bus

sercos interface 


230 / 260 mm with connector plugs


240 / 310 mm with fixtures

Protection class

IP 20

Ambient temperature

+5° C ... + 45° C; (...+55° C) 

Excess voltage category 

KIII, T2 (DIN VDE 0110) 

Excess voltage resistance 

class 1 (DIN VDE 0160) 

Degree of radio interference 

class A EN 55011 / EN 61800-3 


CE / UL 7 cUL 

PACDRIVE Mc-4/11/10/400 Elau Schneider Electric-Elau Schneider Vietnam


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