PG1800-Van điều khiển servo valve Nireco PG1800- Đại lý Nireco Việt Nam

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Power Guide PG1800-Nireco

Process Control Systems
Edge Position Control Systems

Power Guide PG300, 500, 800

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Power Guide  PG300, 500, 800


The Power Guide servo valve is back, lighter, and with even stronger erformance than ever before.
Compatible with older models through a specialized adapter, and as easy to use as ever, Power Guide servo valves combine high performance and convenience with the toughness to work in dirty environments, changing the face of industrial servo valves.


  • Smaller and lighter, the unit has only one fifth the volume of previous models.

High responsivity

  • 45Hz/-3dB
  • Power Guide servo valves feature high responsivity and high gain, with low hysteresis, achieving high levels of precision in EPC and CPC.


  • The structure uses a double pilot format proven over extended use. The simple servo valve structure is even usable with general hydraulic oil*.

*: Hydraulic oil of NAS11 grade may be used, but there may be problems with NAS11 or lower if there is a high concentration of debris of 5μ or smaller.

Model PG800 PG500 PG300
Dimensions 114 x 224 x 70
Rated pressure 2 - 14MPa
Rated flow L/min 80 50 25
Return-side pressure resistance Internal drain 1MPa
External drain 3MPa
Internal leakage L/min 4.5 3.5 3
Response of frequency 45Hz (-3dB)
Hysteresis 1%
Ambient operating temperature 0 - 50°C
Hydraulic oil temperature 10 - 60°C 《10 - 50°C》
Hydraulic oil viscosity range 20 - 80 mm/S (cSt)
Hydraulic oil contamination grade NAS grade 11/Mass grade 103
Line filter 10μm(β10≧200)
Moving Coil resistance value 18.5Ω 《20》
Rated current ±200mA DC
Recommended dither signal (100Hz) 2Vp-p
Fixed orifice φ0.4mm 《φ0.45mm》
Hydraulic oil Mineral oil (water glycol under development)
Fatty acid ester, mineral oil, phosphate ester and water-glycol types

PG1800-Van điều khiển servo valve Nireco PG1800- Đại lý Nireco Việt Nam


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